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Jul 18 2010

Charleston Business Tax Accountant,Small Business Specialist

Charleston Business Tax Accountant, Small Business Specialist

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     – Hi, my name is Larry Wright and I am the Managing Partner at Ross WRIGHT Chason. We are a Charleston business tax accountant firm with offices also in Hilton Head, SC

We have been providing affordable Business Tax Accounting, Financial Management, Tax Planning & Preparation, and Business Intelligence services to small and mid-sized business owners and not-for-profit organizations throughout the entire low country since 2005.

One question many people ask is

What qualifications should I look for when choosing a Charleston business tax accountant and financial specialist?

There are five major areas you should look for.

Education is key.

The Charleston business tax accountant specialist needs to know the laws and requirements. Knowing accounting is simply not enough. Your accounting specialist should also have a broad education in business management. For example, with an accounting degree and an MBA from the Wharton School, we are better able to explore strategies that go beyond many accounting practitioners. This additional capability Allows us to identify and explore opportunities that can better assist in plotting your plans.

Next, your Charleston business tax accountant and financial specialist should have real-world Hands On Experience.

Having a portfolio of clients can not replace real world personal experience running a business. Changes in the buying habits of your market, how these habits are related to other markets and the economy in general are the key factors in making any decisions.

Being able to measure their behavior under both current and future conditions may mean the difference between surviving and thriving. Someone who has broad experience on both sides of the table will know what kind of data to look for, know how to capture it, and know what to do with it. So the real advice you get is not Merely theoretical but seasoned by practical, real world experience.

Next availability is important.

The Charleston business tax accountant specialist needs to be personally available to you. He / she is your go toÃ⠀ šÃ,  person. Often times, large firms can be guilty of relegating responsibility to juniors without adequate oversight. The importance of being there, being proactive and providing appropriate solutions where necessary when needed can not be overly-emphasized.

Number four: Flexibility is yet another important consideration when selecting a professional Charleston business tax accountant.

While his job is to identify, evaluate and (sometimes) recommend different options open to you, ultimately the decision remains with you. He must be able to accept your decision even if it differs from his recommendation. If he has done his homework, your choice will be a viable one, even if, in his opinion another would have been a better selection.

Resourcefulness is therefore crucial.

Knowing what information is needed, where to find it, how AND when to best use it is absolutely essential. While it is clear that your Charleston business tax accountant specialist works for and with you, his enthusiasm should be such that he IS your partner in this venture.

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