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Reduce your accounting overhead by as much as 50%

Our system eliminates the need for on-staff bookkeepers and accountants.


Full Service Bookkeeping: Whether it’s to help out in the short or long term, or as an outsourced resource, we can provide you with the complete coverage you need. We are Certified Public Bookkeepers (CPB) and operate in accordance with the NACPB.

Payroll: Complete payroll service for 1 to 100 employees. We can set up direct deposits and reduce the workload of mailing checks. We take care of all federal and state withholdings and filings.

Tax Preparation: We’ll keep your accounts up to date, accurate, and in compliance with the law. We prepare year end tax returns.

Project based Bookkeeping: We can bring your books up to date – or get your new business started. We work with you if you have an existing business and you need help with refocusing your vision.

Non Profit (501c3): We are very familiar with the nonprofit sector and can set up or manage your books in the correct non-profit format.

Forensic Accounting: We are associate members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). If you need to go back a few years and reconstruct your accounts, we can help. We specialize in the areas of fraud prevention, fraud investigations and employee embezzlement.

Management Accounting: Clearly defining your company’s vision and managing the accounts to help reduce your expenses and increase your margins. We provide CFO consulting to help your company reduce uncertainty and get control.


Accurate and timely bookkeeping is an absolute necessity for business owners. The resulting reports can be used to comply with federal tax laws, obtain financing, and most importantly, track the financial condition of your business. Many businesses hire a part or full time bookkeeper to handle this because the volume of transactions justifies such action. Also, you as the business owner need to concentrate your time and energies on the income generating activities of your business. However, small businesses often do not have the resources to hire and watch over an employee whose activities do not directly contribute to overall profitability. That is why having BKSC handle your bookkeeping is the answer!

Tax and accounting rules are becoming increasingly complex. It is absolutely essential for a business owner to be on top of every financial situation. If not, then your business could be in jeopardy. Also, IRS rules are very clear regarding the need and importance of documentation and substantiation of any business deduction. If you intend to write it off, you better make sure you are recording it.


Quite frankly-you don’t have time to do all the bookkeeping. Your job as a business owner is to grow your business. You have to ask yourself if it is worth your time to engage in this detail-oriented, time-consuming task. We think your time is better spent on other projects that directly affect your bottom line. Let us focus on the “nitty-gritty,” the processing of documents, the recording of transactions, and the creation of reports. This will free up more of your time and increase your earning potential. And considering how affordable our services are, it doesn’t make sense for you to spend your time on bookkeeping.

And by putting this most important and essential business task in the hands of our experienced professionals, you can rest assured knowing that all of the accounting and bookkeeping functions of your business are being competently handled in a timely fashion.


Fees for this service vary and are usually based on the size of your business(s) and the specific services provided. There is an initial setup fee to cover time and supplies to get everything up and running. After that, you can plan on paying a consistent, monthly amount. Long term, the cost associated with this service will be outweighed significantly by the efficiencies created. Consider the savings compared to the wages, payroll taxes, and time spent managing an additional employee. Also, consider having all your business transactions and financial reports available at all times and accessible from any location. That is priceless!


All you have to do is provide us with the information. Depending on your plan you will be mailing us all of your relevant business documents either quarterly or monthly. By this we mean credit card statements, bank account statements, business receipts, and other relevant business documents.

After receipt of your documents, the processing begins. Our accountants will carefully record your transactions and produce easy to understand profit/loss, balance sheet and trial balance reports, etc. You can view these reports anytime on the members-only section of our website.


Because every business is different, we can customize a package to suit every situation. We pride ourselves on being able to offer every client a customized bookkeeping and accounting package based upon the needs of their business. By contacting us today, we can begin to create a bookkeeping solution that suits all of your business needs!

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  • Check Writing
  • Business Consulting Services
  • Additional Financial Reports
  • Payroll

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