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Nov 03 2011

Learn More About The Personal Service Corporation Risk

Jeff Nugent from Contingent Workforce Solutions provides an overview of the Personal Services Risk and what you can do to protect yourself. If you are a independent consultant or IT contractor and earn more than $40000 per year or you are going through a CRA Audit, This is a must watch video. If you would like more information on “Personal Service Business Risk” or sometimes called “Personal Service Corporation Risk” you may find more information and more videos at For more tax tips videos on how to reduce your personal taxes and business taxes visit out tax tips resources at We also have a series of videos on interview tips, resume tips and cover letters in our Marketing You” video resources at is the small business and independent professionals’ choice for accounting and tax services. Based in Toronto with locations across Canada. Grab a copy of our FREE REPORT ” How to Pay only 20% Corporate and Personal Tax” at http
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Aug 19 2011

The Best Personal Injury Attorneys Charlotte NC

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Aug 14 2011

Personal income taxes are more important in industrial countries than in developing countries because?

a) taxes on businesses in industrial countries are difficult to collect.
b) personal taxes are more difficult to collect in agricultural nations.
c) people are more willing to pay income tax in industrial countries.
d) developing countries have no system in operation for collecting income taxes.

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