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Jan 26 2012

Doing Payroll in North Carolina? Here’s a Basic Guide to Withholding Tax in North Carolina

If you are opening a business in North Carolina and plan to have employees, you must register for a North Carolina Withholding Tax Identification Number. You can do this by completing Form NC-BR and submitting it electronically or mailing it to:

N.C. Department of Revenue
Post Office Box 25000

Form NC-BR is a business registration application that covers income tax withholding, sales and use tax, machinery, equipment and manufacturing fuel tax. All taxpayers required to register for any of these taxes can do so by submitting Form NC-BR. Applicants that register online will receive their account numbers instantly.

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Nov 14 2011

CRA Audits Independent Contractors

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is once again scrutinizing small businesses for how they classify employees vs  vs independent contractors. Small businesses are often reluctant to hire employees because of payroll taxes, benefits and severance pay. The workers want to be hired as independent contractors to enjoy the benefits of deducting significantly more expenses.

The courts have provided these guiding criteria for the correct classification of worksers:

You are likely to be considered self-employed if:

  • You control the time, place, and manner in which you perform your activities;
  • You supply your own equipment , and cover the rental and maintenance costs;
  • You make a profit or incur a loss, and cover your operating costs; and
  • You integrate your client’s activities into your own business activities.

You are likely to be considered an employee if your employer:

  • Decides where, when and how work should be performed.
  • Dictates your working hours.
  • Determines your salary.
  • Supervises your activities.
  • Manages your performance and assesses the quality of your work.

Business owners and contractors should be aware of these guidelines and should be able to defend their positions based on the criteria outlined above.

Sep 01 2010

The Fundamentals of a Payroll Service

The Fundamentals of a payroll service

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