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Feb 23 2012

The Benefits of a Hosted Document Management System

For as long as there have been documents, business owners have endeavored to manage their storage and retrieval. Paperwork has always been the bane of the small business owner’s existence. Taking time to organize a good recordkeeping system is time consuming so most business owners just wing it from the start. This usually leads to regret when something like a tax audit or financial crisis rears its ugly head.

It’s a good idea to get organized early on. There is nothing like the peace of mind that comes when you know you have everything under control. Thanks to advances in technology, the filing cabinet can be buried alongside the cassette tape and record player.

Paperless offices are fast becoming the norm and there is a good reason for that. The benefits of having an electronic document management system are overshadowing. Going paperless can save money, boost productivity, save valuable office space and help the environment.

There are a number of cloud based document management systems available today. At BKSC, we make use and recommend it as part of our bookkeeping service.

How does it work?

Simply, scan your documents and upload them to your secure cloud server. Organize them as you see fit. Share them with others by sending them a link. If you need to share an entire folder, then invite recipients to share a folder for them to enjoy continued access to the documents contained in that folder. You manage who can access and edit specific files and folders. An audit trail will keep you abreast of all file and user activity.

What are the benefits?

Easy Retrieval

Users can search for documents using a name, keyword, content or tag which can be done far more quickly and efficiently than physically trying to locate a piece of paper.  Files can be viewed from anywhere with any device connected to the internet including laptops, tablets or smart phones.

Secure File Sharing

Documents are encrypted using SSL on transfer and during storage. This is the same technology used by banks to secure online banking transactions. In addition, all your data is password protected and stored behind a robust firewall. This is a more secure and effective option when compared to the old method of locking filing cabinets and making use of sign-out sheets.

Secure Back-Ups

No more worrying about fire or water damage. Your data is securely backed-up at an off-site data center.

Collaboration Tools

Productivity is boosted when everyone is working on the latest documents in real time.  Files can be locked when someone is editing them. Schedule alerts to users when files have been updated, uploaded or viewed.

An efficient document management system provides greater convenience, improved organization and reduced risk. If you would like a demonstration, please give us a call and let us show you how it all fits together with our bookkeeping service.

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