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Nov 10 2011

State of Union Business, Taxes, & Investments Part 5

Discussion of tax cuts, tax credits, and potential industry investments President Obama sees as attractive.
This article was published at Accounting Services of Charlotte, NC

Nov 09 2011

VenomFangX: Fraudster Exposed (PART 9) – THE DRAMATIC CONCLUSION! kinda.

The final part. WHAT WILL BE THE DRAMATIC CONCLUSION!? transcription done by Everyone go post the word “pickles” on his profile comments. DOOO IT! Call: Well, I first met him up on the YouTube and we had conversations back and forth and he had his ups and downs in his first round of doing videos and stuff by the atheist community and anything else and then he started to straighten out. He started to just preach the word of God in the correct fashion and was leaving, you know, whether atheism is or isn’t the right way to go oanything and was just sticking to preaching the word of God like I and other people have been telling him to do just you know… win the people who want to be won. and he was doing this for a while So then he got involved in the donation business there and it seemed pretty straightforward at the time but he was doing great things making nice videos there congregation says oh yeah.. church elders impressed and since he was in college he was learning.. or was supposed to be doing over there, so we thought, anyway… Uhh… The bishop there offered him a job as an evangelist. You know… The Grand Master (youtube handle of another guy) told me [?] sent you an e-mail there.. so.. He declined. I was flabbergasted. [...] Our church organization is strong. We got all churches here in [-] and in the US. and Grand Master’s in charge of both sides of the fence. He said he was getting more money under his donations that what we was
This article was published at Accounting Services of Charlotte, NC

Aug 24 2011

Home Business Tax Deductions – A Part Of Home Based Business

This article was published at Bookkeeping Services of Charlotte, NC

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